Peer Review Policy


The Journal of Environmental Sciences and Technology (JEST) is committed to publishing high-quality, original research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in environmental science and technology. To ensure the quality and rigor of its publications, JEST employs a rigorous double-blind peer review process.

2. Peer Review Process

All manuscripts submitted to JEST undergo a double-blind peer review process. This means that the identities of the reviewers and authors are concealed from each other throughout the review process. This ensures that the reviewers' assessments are based solely on the merits of the manuscript and not on any personal or professional biases.

3. Reviewer Selection

Reviewers are selected based on their expertise in the relevant field of environmental science and technology. They are also carefully screened to ensure that they have no conflicts of interest with the authors or the subject matter of the manuscript.

4. Reviewer Responsibilities

Reviewers are responsible for providing a timely and thorough review of the manuscript. They are expected to:

  • Evaluate the originality and significance of the research.
  • Assess the soundness of the methodology and data analysis.
  • Identify any potential flaws or errors in the research.
  • Provide constructive feedback to the authors on how to improve the manuscript.

5. Author Responsibilities

Authors are responsible for submitting manuscripts that are well-written, clear, and concise. They are also expected to:

  • Respond promptly and professionally to reviewer feedback.
  • Address all reviewer concerns in a timely manner.
  • Revise the manuscript according to reviewer feedback.

6. Confidentiality

Reviewers and authors are required to maintain the confidentiality of the review process. This includes not discussing the manuscript with anyone other than the editor and not sharing the manuscript with anyone other than the editor and reviewers.

7. Appeal Process

Authors may appeal a decision if they believe that the review process was not fair or that the reviewers' assessment of the manuscript was flawed. Appeals should be submitted to the editor in writing and should provide a detailed explanation of the author's concerns.

8. Ethics

JEST adheres to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its operations, including the peer review process. All reviewers and authors are expected to conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and respect.

9. Compliance

Failure to comply with this peer review policy may result in the rejection of a manuscript or the withdrawal of a published manuscript.