Securing the Future: Exploring the Synergy of Business Analytics, Machine Learning, and Blockchain Applications in Retail Cybersecurity


  • John Mark, Billy Joe Department of Computer science, University of Ireland


Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Retail Cybersecurity, Data Integrity, Threat Detection, Security Synergy


This paper delves into the evolving landscape of retail cybersecurity and investigates the potential synergy of Business Analytics (BA), Machine Learning (ML), and Blockchain applications in fortifying the sector against emerging threats. The study employs a comprehensive methodology, integrating data analysis, algorithmic modeling, and blockchain technology, to assess the efficacy of this triad in enhancing security measures. Results indicate promising advancements in threat detection, data integrity, and overall resilience. However, challenges such as interoperability and ethical considerations are identified. The paper suggests strategic treatments, emphasizing collaboration, standardization, and ethical guidelines. In conclusion, the integration of BA, ML, and Blockchain presents a robust paradigm for securing the future of retail, mitigating risks, and fostering trust in an increasingly digitalized environment.