Artificial Intelligence in Renewable Energy Solutions through Energy Conversion Improvements


  • Ashif Mohammad Deputy Station Engineer, Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. E-mail:
  • Rimi Das Graduate Teaching Assistant, MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Idaho State University, E-mail:
  • Farhana Mahjabeen Assistant Radio Engineer, Bangladesh Betar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. E-mail:


Solar Cells, Efficiency, Stability, Scalability, Fabrication methods


This paper’s main objective is to examine the state of the art of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and tools in the point of economical energy arrangements has arisen as a top worldwide need, with an emphasis on sustainable power sources. Power hardware and energy transformation advances assume a basic part in this progress. This theoretical gives a compact synopsis of the article discussing power management, maintenance, and control of renewable energy systems (RES) and specifically to the solar power systems. The findings would allow researchers to innovate the current state of technologies and possibly use the standard and successful techniques in building AI-powered renewable energy systems, specifically for solar energy. The conversation ventures through extraordinary progressions in power hardware, digging into their significance in working on the proficiency and reconciliation of sustainable power frameworks. The article portrays the advancing scene of innovation that is forming the fate of energy, from the essentials of force hardware to applications in sustainable power, electric transportation, and brilliant frameworks. As we stand at the convergence of development and supportability, this investigation plans to enlighten the promising direction of force hardware, imagining a future where sustainable power arrangements are embraced as well as engaged by state of the art headways in energy change.