Enhancing RF Energy Harvesting Systems: Design Optimization of Antenna and Rectenna


  • Elizabeth David , Marshall Dalton Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge


RF Energy Harvesting, Antenna Design Optimization, Rectenna Design, Energy Harvesting Efficiency, Rectenna Conversion Efficiency, Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things (IoT), Energy-Autonomous Systems, Renewable Energy, Design Challenges


RF (Radio Frequency) energy harvesting has gained significant attention as a promising technology for powering low-power electronic devices and sensors. This paper presents a comprehensive approach to enhance RF energy harvesting systems through the design optimization of antennas and rectennas. The study investigates innovative techniques to maximize energy harvesting efficiency, improve rectenna conversion efficiency, and address challenges in the design process. The proposed optimizations aim to make RF energy harvesting systems more reliable, adaptable, and suitable for diverse applications in wireless sensor networks, IoT devices, and energy-autonomous systems.