Machine Learning in the Era of Big Data: Advanced Algorithms and Real-world Applications


  • Kareem Ahmad Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of California, USA


Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Advanced Algorithms, Real-world Applications, Data-driven Innovation, Predictive Modeling, Deep Learning, Scalability, Computational Efficiency, Decision-making


In the contemporary digital landscape, the exponential growth of data has paved the way for transformative advances in machine learning (ML). This paper delves into the symbiotic relationship between big data and machine learning, elucidating how vast datasets have catalyzed the evolution of sophisticated algorithms and fueled real-world applications across diverse domains. We explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the era of big data, focusing on the development and deployment of advanced ML algorithms. Through a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art techniques and illustrative case studies, this paper underscores the pivotal role of big data in shaping the future trajectory of machine learning, thereby revolutionizing industries, enhancing decision-making processes, and fostering innovation.