Ethical Data-Driven Innovation: Integrating Cybersecurity Analytics and Business Intelligence for Responsible Governance


  • MD RASEL National Institute of Mass Communication, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


Ethical Data-driven Innovation, Cybersecurity Analytics, Business Intelligence, Responsible Governance, Data Privacy, Ethical Decision-making, Integration Strategies, Risk Mitigation, Organizational Governance, Responsible Technology


In the contemporary digital landscape, data-driven innovation stands as a catalyst for progress across diverse sectors. However, amidst the rapid proliferation of data-driven technologies, ethical considerations are paramount to ensure responsible governance. This paper advocates for the integration of cybersecurity analytics and business intelligence (BI) as a means to promote ethical data-driven innovation. By synergizing these two domains, organizations can fortify their cybersecurity posture while fostering ethical decision-making and governance practices. This paper explores the intersection of cybersecurity analytics and BI, elucidating their synergistic potential in mitigating cyber risks, enhancing data privacy, and upholding ethical standards. Through a comprehensive analysis, this paper delineates strategies for integrating cybersecurity analytics and BI frameworks within organizational governance structures to promote responsible data-driven innovation.