Synergizing Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing and Risk Assessment for Enhanced Government Cybersecurity: A Holistic Approach


  • MD RASEL National Institute of Mass Communication, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting


Cybersecurity, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Risk Assessment, Government, Synergy, Resilience, Information Sharing, Threat Detection, Cyber Defense, Holistic Approach


In today's interconnected digital landscape, government cybersecurity faces ever-evolving threats. To fortify defenses, this paper advocates for a holistic approach that intertwines cyber threat intelligence sharing and risk assessment. By synergizing these two pillars, governments can achieve enhanced cybersecurity resilience. This paper explores the significance of sharing timely and accurate cyber threat intelligence among government agencies and stakeholders. Additionally, it delves into the critical role of risk assessment in identifying, prioritizing, and mitigating cyber risks. Through a comprehensive analysis, this paper elucidates how a cohesive strategy integrating cyber threat intelligence sharing and risk assessment can bolster government cybersecurity posture.