Scrum Master's Role in Navigating Challenges of Implementing Machine Learning in Business Analytics


  • Logan Joe, Elijah Russell Department of Computer Engineering, Idaho State University


Scrum Master, Agile Project Management, Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Implementation Challenges, Stakeholder Management, Communication, Collaboration


In the realm of business analytics, the integration of machine learning (ML) poses unique challenges that necessitate effective project management. The Scrum Master, a key figure in Agile project management methodologies, plays a crucial role in navigating these challenges during the implementation of ML solutions. This paper explores the specific responsibilities and strategies employed by Scrum Masters to facilitate the successful integration of ML in business analytics projects. Drawing from existing literature and practical insights, the paper delineates the Scrum Master's role in fostering collaboration, managing stakeholder expectations, facilitating communication, and addressing technical complexities inherent in ML initiatives. By elucidating the Scrum Master's contributions to overcoming implementation hurdles and driving project success, this paper aims to provide actionable guidance for organizations embarking on ML-driven business analytics endeavors.