Scrum Master's Role in Orchestrating Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning Projects for Business Success


  • Weston Adam, Max Kevin Department of Computer Science, Yale State University


Scrum Master, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Agile Project Management, Data Science, Collaboration, Continuous Improvement, Business Success


As businesses increasingly rely on big data analytics and machine learning (ML) to drive strategic decision-making, the role of the Scrum Master in orchestrating these projects has become paramount. This paper examines the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Scrum Masters in the context of big data analytics and ML initiatives and explores strategies for maximizing project success. Drawing on insights from both Agile project management and data science domains, we highlight the essential responsibilities of the Scrum Master, including fostering collaboration, removing impediments, and facilitating continuous improvement. Furthermore, we discuss the integration of Agile principles with data-centric processes, such as data acquisition, preprocessing, and model deployment, to ensure alignment with business objectives. By elucidating the Scrum Master's pivotal role in guiding big data analytics and ML projects, this paper aims to equip practitioners with actionable strategies to navigate the complexities of data-driven endeavors and drive meaningful business outcomes.