Cyber-Resilient Medical Systems for Next-Gen Cancer Therapeutics


  • Dr. Suleman Tufail King Fahad Medical institution, Saudi Arabia


Cyber resilience, Medical systems, Cancer therapeutics, Cybersecurity, Healthcare infrastructure


Abstract: This paper explores the critical importance of cyber-resilient medical systems in the context of next-generation cancer therapeutics. As medical systems become increasingly interconnected and reliant on digital technologies, ensuring cybersecurity resilience is paramount to safeguarding patient data, treatment efficacy, and healthcare infrastructure integrity. Through a comprehensive review of current challenges, emerging threats, and innovative solutions, this paper elucidates the strategies and technologies necessary to enhance the cyber resilience of medical systems in the realm of cancer therapeutics. By addressing cybersecurity risks proactively, healthcare organizations can mitigate potential threats, protect patient safety, and facilitate the seamless delivery of next-generation cancer treatments.