Precision Oncology: Engineering Breakthroughs in Personalized Cancer Treatment


  • Dereniu Kian Yuhan Hunan Medical college, China


Precision oncology, Personalized cancer treatment, Genomic sequencing, Bioinformatics, Targeted drug delivery, Therapeutic monitoring


Abstract: Precision oncology represents a paradigm shift in cancer treatment, aiming to tailor therapies to the unique genetic, molecular, and clinical characteristics of individual patients. This paper explores the engineering breakthroughs driving the advancement of precision oncology, including genomic sequencing technologies, bioinformatics algorithms, targeted drug delivery systems, and therapeutic monitoring devices. Through a comprehensive review of recent literature and case studies, we examine the transformative impact of precision oncology on patient outcomes, healthcare delivery, and research innovation. Additionally, we discuss the challenges and future directions in the field, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, data integration, and regulatory frameworks in realizing the full potential of precision oncology.