Advancements in Cancer Therapy: Integrating Medical Engineering Solutions with AI Precision


  • Kiani Luanh Menaj Delhi medical University, India


Cancer therapy, Medical engineering, Artificial intelligence, Precision medicine, Interdisciplinary approach


Abstract: This paper explores the intersection of medical engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) in advancing cancer therapy. We discuss the integration of innovative medical engineering solutions with AI precision to enhance the efficacy and personalization of cancer treatments. Through a comprehensive review of recent developments and case studies, we highlight the potential of this interdisciplinary approach to revolutionize cancer care. The integration of medical engineering solutions with AI precision holds immense promise in optimizing cancer therapy across multiple stages of patient care. From early detection through advanced treatment modalities, such as targeted drug delivery and image-guided surgery, medical engineering innovations empowered by AI have the potential to revolutionize the way cancer is diagnosed and treated. By leveraging vast amounts of patient data, AI algorithms can identify subtle patterns and biomarkers indicative of disease progression, facilitating earlier intervention and personalized treatment planning. Furthermore, real-time monitoring and feedback mechanisms enabled by medical engineering technologies can enhance treatment efficacy while minimizing adverse effects, thereby improving patient outcomes and quality of life.