Solar Power Revolution: Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Molten Salt Nanofluid for Advanced Thermal Energy Storage


  • Marie Eugene Department of Physics, Tulane State University


Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molten Salt Nanofluid, Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Power Revolution, Nanoparticle Dispersion, Heat Transfer Efficiency, Phase Change Behavior


This study pioneers the exploration of a solar power revolution through molecular dynamics simulations of molten salt nanofluids, aiming to advance thermal energy storage capabilities. Leveraging cutting-edge computational techniques, we delve into the dynamic behavior of nanoparticles within the molten salt matrix. The study investigates nanoparticle dispersion, thermal properties, and phase change behavior, providing crucial insights for optimizing thermal energy storage in solar power systems. This research bridges nanotechnology with renewable energy, offering a transformative perspective on the future of sustainable and efficient solar power.