Computational Exploration of Molten Salt Nanofluids for Superior Thermal Energy Storage in Solar Power Systems: A Molecular Dynamics Approach


  • Danielle Willie, Diana Ralph Department of Engineering, University of Delhi


Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molten Salt Nanofluids, Thermal Energy Storage, Solar Power Systems, Nanoparticle Dispersion, Heat Transfer Efficiency, Phase Change Behavior


This computational study explores the dynamic behavior of molten salt nanofluids to advance thermal energy storage in solar power systems, employing a molecular dynamics approach. Through meticulous simulations, we investigate nanoparticle dispersion, thermal properties, and phase change behavior within the molten salt matrix. The findings offer crucial insights into the nanoscale dynamics, paving the way for optimizing thermal energy storage in solar applications. This research contributes to the synergy of nanotechnology and renewable energy, striving for superior efficiency in sustainable power systems.