Emerging Therapeutic Strategies for Targeting Drug-Resistant Bacteria


  • Abdul hashir Department of medical health, University of Kenya, South Africa


Abstract: The emergence of drug-resistant bacteria poses a significant threat to global public health, necessitating the development of innovative therapeutic strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance. This review explores emerging approaches for targeting drug-resistant bacteria, including the use of bacteriophages, CRISPR-based antimicrobials, antimicrobial peptides, phage lysins, and immunotherapies. These novel strategies leverage advances in molecular biology, genomics, and immunology to overcome bacterial resistance mechanisms and enhance treatment efficacy. By targeting specific bacterial vulnerabilities and harnessing the host immune response, these innovative therapies offer promising alternatives to traditional antibiotics for combating drug-resistant infections. Keywords: drug-resistant bacteria, emerging therapeutics, bacteriophages, CRISPR, antimicrobial peptides.